We are looking for a host to feed our LILITH,

Inga-Britt spanar på fåglar.
Inga-Britt (S * divineCURLYcats LILITH in the pedigree) When she look at the birds.

that is a very beautiful and nice la perm-girl on 3 years.

This is a really good opportunity for you who are thinking about getting a la perm!

Lilith will have only one litter for us before she turns into the feed host's possession as the pet cat!

You must live in the Stockholm area and have plenty of time for Lilith!

It may well be a neutered companion but Lilith will be the only fertile cat in the home.

Now you can try to let a bunch of småtussar grow up at home with support and help from us!

It is both fun and exciting to see them grow up from tiny to move finished in just a few weeks, we think!

We'd love to hear from you if you want a lovely beautiful and affectionate mom-cat and a brood of small kids at home with you!

Inga-Britt has now moved to Sinead and her family!