Our S * divineCURLYcats Icon got 5 small-nothing to it 25:e May – 3 girls and two boys. She gave birth to a piece of cake and this saw the kids out on Tuesday 28/4;

Lill-kille 1.
The little-girl Åsa
Lill-kille 2.
The little-guy Åsa-Nisse
Lill-kille 2.
The little-guy Åke
Lill-flicka 2.
The little-girl Åm
Lill-flicka 3.
The little-girl Thunder
S*divineCURLYcats IKON
S * divineCURLYcats IKON
Pappa katt; Nyponrosens Skips.
Daddy cat; Nyponrosens Ship.