News 1 = now has the entire a-litter new carpets and hussar, and we appreciate the great interest for the Hill! News 2 = Inga-Britt feeds right now – on Valentine's day 180214 – their Noodles and little ones!


Inga-Britt spanar på fåglar.
Inga-Britt named in the pedigree S * divineCURLYcats LILITH. Here she on birds from the balcony!
Noodles blivande pappa.
Noodles = expectant father when he observes the photographer and wonder “What would you?” – We believe!


This is as I said our z-litter so now we soon received an entire alphabet kittens and there has been so much fun and we have learned so much about the great animal as the cat is!

We would also like to thank all our carpets and hussar of all we learned from you,!

Z-litter will be sold to the company/exhibition.




Här har ÅKE just fått sitt bredare hanne-ansikte!