A kitten from S * divineCURLYcats's;

  • vaccinerad x 2,
  • Veterinary inspected with protocols,
  • id-chippad,
  • de-wormed when needed,
  • has pedigree in Sverak,
  • well socialized
  • blanket, thermometer m,m, from Agria.

Our kittens are sold as family members and we ask questions about, among other things, home alone-time to your kitten should have the best prerequisites to be of joy and feel good with you.

Part allergy sufferers can to his great joy have la perm-cat!
For cat-allergic people we have since many years a special routine to determine if they may have a la perm from us;
The allergen energetic stops at least one hour and have close contact with our cats. He has with him a pillow case as we rub elbows with everyone's fur. The allergen energetic sleeping late on the pillow and feel s/he no allergy symptoms in the morning so they have been able to have la perm-cats!

Sometimes we have breeding cats to go out of the breeding for sale at a reduced price – It sounds interesting, you are welcome to contact you!

We often need to hosts – both the full- and half-feed !

Complete feed means that you get the cat for a down payment (2.000:-) and two kitten-hills.

Half-feed means that you get the cat for half the price and a kitten-litter.

We'd love to hear from you if both half- and full lining the host in case you are interested!


Our new stud Nyponrosen's SKIPS (f.160330) is a tough guy with a very strong will and also mattes little kitten when he wants to be in your lap and be scratched and hear how nice he is! He has already (2016 October) begun para Birgitta and Inga-Britt (available on photos below “Our Cats”)! We thank Susanne Hjorth for this little jewel at home called Anders – check out his hobo-uppsyn!

och han är den mest självsäkre hane jag har känt! Han är också påhittig och olydig - vi har till exempel sett honom leda ett inbrott i skafferiet då han lärde lilla Elsa hur man tar för sej av godis utan att blanda in matte! Han är också kelig som en liten kattunge och vill ligga länge i famnen och bli kliad på magen. Tack för denna fina kille Susanne!


~~ (called Siegmund) now lives in Stina and her family in Yuen Long where he has really nice and there dad built a ladder up to the porch where Siegmund has her cat door (that just opens the sej for Siegmund id-chip)!

He was a gentleman with his little harem here at home, and the father of several hills – a the right fining!

From time to time we have kittens for sale.. Our new stud is little Glastocats JESSE PINKMAN from England!; ~~ (f.140708). We thank Carol Watts for this little rascal and my niece Marina who flew him home to Sweden from England!!
He will have the pleasure of mating our females as soon as he is ready!!
He is already trying ( but then gets slapped in the face) so most of the time he eats and sleeps - please see photo!;