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210106 Now we present our first and…

…single litter 2020!

It was born 201221 at the home of our much appreciated feed host Jessica! We received 5 kittens – all curly! It was 3 Girls and 2 guys! Please let me know if you are interested in a kitten from us!

Våra nya kattungar föddes 21/12!
Our new kittens were born 21/12!

201110; Our beautiful couple expecting kittens 20/12! Please hear…

…if you are considering brightening up the winter with a little fur buddy!

söta Our super cute S*divineCURLYcats bBeatrice… …home called Misa! Misa and Max expecting kittens 201220!

Vår vackre lånekille Xam har börjat uppskatta sina tre katt-flickor här hemma nu! Vi har fått låna SE*'Mirror BC av Nyponrosens katteri tack för det Susanne!!
The handsome SE*Mirror BC Xam that we had borrowed from S*Nyponrosens katteri!
Thanks for that Susanne!!


We have saved little Kattelina for breeding and are now looking for a half-feed host…


…for her! Kattelina has amazing blue eyes and nice drawing! She is very playful and affectionate – a really nice little kitty!

Kattelina har fantastiska blå ögon!
Here she is just brought by math's camera…
Kattelina har klättrat upp högst upp på stegen.
Kattelina has climbed to the top of the ladder – Oops, so high it was!

Being half-fed means you pay half the price for her /6.000:-/and that you raise a litter of kittens for us! You will live in Stockholm, have cat habits and you should be at home a lot – for example, you are homeworking, student or pensioner! If you think this is for you, don't hesitate to contact us. – e-mail and phone are under “Contact”.


200126 now we start showing our kK litter….

…and we have received 4 girls and a guy!

Lilla blå-vita Kyllike satt stilla en sekund...
Little blue-and-white Kyllike sat still for a second…
Kattelina har en fint tecknad "Findus-mössa" på huvudet!
Kattelina has a nice cartoon “Findus cap” on the head! Here she sneaks on a paper tuss!
Kitty Hello är helt vit som en Hello Kitty ska vara!
Kitty Hello is all white as a Hello Kitty should be!
Vår lilla Kajsa Kavat är minst i kullen och hon har utvecklat ett särskilt "go" när hon leker med sina syskon som är en storlek större än hon!
Our little Kajsa Kavat is the least in the hill and she has developed a special “Go” when she plays with her siblings who are a size larger than her!
Korax är kullens enda kille! Han är en mycket framåt gosse med stor aptit!
Korax is the hill's only guy! He is a very forward boy with great appetite!

191113 Our fine litter with 2 Girls and

2 Guys born 190825 Is soon ready to move! We have little S * divineCURLYcats Hertha for Sale. She is full white with blue eyes and sweet as sugar!

191116 little Hertha has moved to her own new home!

Här ses lilla Hertha längst bak på fotot! Hon har ett mycket trevligt temperament och ligger gärna i knät när hon lekt färdigt och är trött!
See little Hertha at the back of the photo! She has a very nice temperament and is happy to be in her lap when she is finished and is tired!


Our new litter has arrived at feed hosted by Cecilia!

Childbirth went great and S * divineCURLYcats Zenit is the perfect mother even this time with her second litter! The chicks are now just over a week old and are allowed to receive visits when they are 4 Weeks! Cecilia thinks it's two guys and two girls – It will be exciting to meet the litter when I'm going there next week!

Vår vackra blåögda flicka och hennes små-tussar.
Our beautiful blue-eyed girl and her small-tussar.

Vår ljuvliga F-kull född 190108 hos nöjda nyblivna mamma S*divineCURLYcats Åsa hemma kallad Carin.
Our lovely F-litter born 190108 in happy new mom S * divineCURLYcats Asa – at home called the Carin.


Our beautiful Carin takes care of their little-nothing after all the rules of art – a perfect mom is she! Dad is handsome all-white VIEW * Mirror BC Mustafa. Both Carin and Mustafa is förstagångsföräldrar so it was really exciting to see the Cubs in the new combination! Hill will start to appear around 190208 and we receive notification of interest now!

190101 Now the little Cupid Boy…

sold Jeanette and her family!

20181211_182856 Cupid Boy is for sale. A really nice guy who likes to cuddle and race your! Here pictured yesterday – 11/12 – with his extraordinary mother Carin.

And here he is with his beautiful profile!

OBS! Han kommer att växa i sina öron!
NOTE! He will grow in your ears!

Little Camelot is…


Camelot är en förtjusande liten kattfröken!

…now booked for Lis. She is a lovely little kattfröken!

Cupido Boy är en lugn och avspänd lillkille.

Cupid Boy; is a quiet, laid-back little guy! He loves fast play and gos! And he is a real spin machine! He is for sale.


Cartouch is our energetic buspojke ♥! He is now sold to William and Karin.

Our kittens today;

Här är lille Abraxas som är tingad till Maria med familj.
This is lille Abraxas – a guy who is sold to Mary with the family.
Sittande är Abracadabra som är tingad till Elin.
Sitting is the giant lurvige little guy Abracadabra that is sold to Elin.
Alfa som är en hona är ännu otingad.
Alfa which is sold to Louise and Rut.
Gossen Baloo är tingad till Mathias.
Gossen Baloo is sold to Mathias.
Lilla Blenda är till salu.
Little B is sold to Catherine.
Liggande är Beatrice som är till salu.
Lying is Beatrice which is reserved to Jessica.
Lilla Banshee - hon är fodervärd Gunnels favorit.
Little Banshee – She is feed hosted by Audry favorite. She is sold to Saga.
Vår flicka Blondie som är till salu.
Our girl Blondie who is sold to the Mantis family.



S * divineCURLYcats TING-a-LING got their five little sweeties 180819!

Efter exakt 65 dagars dräktighet  kom de små pälsbollarna - alla lockiga - och blev så välskötta av ELSA!
After exactly 65 days of gestation, the little fur balls – all curly – and they were so well taken care of by mother ELSA (as she is called at home)! This is his first day of life, photographed at home in our feed hosted by Gunnel in Västertorp! We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in a kitten you can participate from the beginning! If you want you can visit cat-kids while growing up! It tends to be particularly appreciated by children!

And now even the little COLONEL booked/till Lena/!

We appreciate the great interest of our la perm-cats and we notice that our race is now starting to become well-known and popular as the wonderful nice and beautiful it is!

We will have more litters this year so we'd love to hear from you if you are considering a kitten from us!

Lille ÖVERSTEN ligger bekvämt på matte Desirée som tagit fotot!
Little COLONEL is conveniently located on fodervärds-math Desirée that has taken any photos of z-litter! A giant thanks to Desiree for all your great photos and your good cooperation!

Eventually, two cubs to…

och såhär avspänd och belåten var Inga-Britt när förlossningen var över - en sån fin mamma hon är!
and this is how relaxed and satisfied was Inga-Britt when labor was over – such a good mom she is!IMG_20180214_221524_498

Since she was a little tired and slept sweetly with a baby under the Chin! Our feed host Desiree has helped Inga-Britt through childbirth – Inga-Britt wanted her close and shouted back to her directly if she walked away! It is also taking all the pictures Desirée! Well done!

News 1 = now has the entire a-litter new carpets and hussar, and we appreciate the great interest for the Hill! News 2 = Inga-Britt feeds right now – on Valentine's day 180214 – their Noodles and little ones!


Inga-Britt spanar på fåglar.
Inga-Britt named in the pedigree S * divineCURLYcats LILITH. Here she on birds from the balcony!
Noodles blivande pappa.
Noodles = expectant father when he observes the photographer and wonder “What would you?” – We believe!


This is as I said our z-litter so now we soon received an entire alphabet kittens and there has been so much fun and we have learned so much about the great animal as the cat is!

We would also like to thank all our carpets and hussar of all we learned from you,!

Z-litter will be sold to the company/exhibition.




Här har ÅKE just fått sitt bredare hanne-ansikte!


And dot on the scheduled date 18/12 then came the judgment! All ♥ ♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ curly small feather balls that mother Birgitta

gave birth to the front! She was so talented! Throughout the labor, she wanted to have the math at his side and brought back me directly if I walked away!

It became 7-ments, and during the past week so has Bhaskaran managed and nursed you all 7 carefully so they grow in record time and all have giant round pink bellies that almost lapping of milk when I lift them up!

Please contact us if you are interested in a kitten from the litter!

Birgitta med sina 7-lingar från samma dag som dom föddes 18/12!
Birgitta with 7-ments from the day of judgment was born 18/12!

Now I have put La Perm-article from Nordic Rexringens magazine Rexpressen ; (#. 1 2017) on my Facebook (Ester S)! The idea came from Susanne Hjorth

that has put the article on their website ! So now more than Rexpressenläsare enjoy La Perm-cat's history! Tips; Susanne have kittens now!

See below a small sample from La perm-article in Rexpressen;

La Permkattens ursprungskvinna Linda Koehl
La Permkattens original woman Linda Koehl
Här syns 9 av de första generationernas la perm. Man kan se att dagens la perm har bibehållit det typiska la perm-uttrycket och utseendet!
This can be seen 9 of the first generations la perm. You can see that today's la perm has maintained much of the typical la perm-expression and appearance!
Här syns några av Anthony Nicholas katter. Det var Anthony som först tog la permen till Europa.
It appears some of Anthony Nichols cats. It was Anthony who first took la permen to Europe. His cattery called Quincunx.


We are looking for a host to feed our little Åsa,



that's a young cat born 25/2 in the years!

She is very pretty and she has colors that “Ishi” – the coat is cream and eyes blue and she purrs as soon you take her up!

We'd love to save this little beauty looks and temperament, and let her go in breeding!

ASA will have 2 hills (complete feedingstuffs) for us before she turns into the feed host's possession as the pet cat.

Alternative 1 litter for us and half the sales price 5.500:- (half-feed) If you prefer the!

You must live in the Stockholm area and should have plenty of time for Åsa and her cubs!

You may well have a neutered companion but Åsa should be the only fertile cat in the home!

It is a wonderful experience to have a small “PIP thread” at home and see them go from tiny to move finished in just a few weeks!

We provide support and help during the feed host time and also when Åsa switched to feed values if you want it!


We are looking for a host to feed our LILITH,

Inga-Britt spanar på fåglar.
Inga-Britt (S * divineCURLYcats LILITH in the pedigree) When she look at the birds.

that is a very beautiful and nice la perm-girl on 3 years.

This is a really good opportunity for you who are thinking about getting a la perm!

Lilith will have only one litter for us before she turns into the feed host's possession as the pet cat!

You must live in the Stockholm area and have plenty of time for Lilith!

It may well be a neutered companion but Lilith will be the only fertile cat in the home.

Now you can try to let a bunch of småtussar grow up at home with support and help from us!

It is both fun and exciting to see them grow up from tiny to move finished in just a few weeks, we think!

We'd love to hear from you if you want a lovely beautiful and affectionate mom-cat and a brood of small kids at home with you!

Inga-Britt has now moved to Sinead and her family!