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And dot on the scheduled date 18/12 then came the judgment! All ♥ ♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ curly small feather balls that mother Birgitta

gave birth to the front! She was so talented! Throughout the labor, she wanted to have the math at his side and brought back me directly if I walked away!

It became 7-ments, and during the past week so has Bhaskaran managed and nursed you all 7 carefully so they grow in record time and all have giant round pink bellies that almost lapping of milk when I lift them up!

Please contact us if you are interested in a kitten from the litter!

Birgitta med sina 7-lingar från samma dag som dom föddes 18/12!
Birgitta with 7-ments from the day of judgment was born 18/12!

Now I have put La Perm-article from Nordic Rexringens magazine Rexpressen ; (#. 1 2017) on my Facebook (Ester S)! The idea came from Susanne Hjorth

that has put the article on their website ! So now more than Rexpressenläsare enjoy La Perm-cat's history! Tips; Susanne have kittens now!

See below a small sample from La perm-article in Rexpressen;

La Permkattens ursprungskvinna Linda Koehl
La Permkattens original woman Linda Koehl
Här syns 9 av de första generationernas la perm. Man kan se att dagens la perm har bibehållit det typiska la perm-uttrycket och utseendet!
This can be seen 9 of the first generations la perm. You can see that today's la perm has maintained much of the typical la perm-expression and appearance!
Här syns några av Anthony Nicholas katter. Det var Anthony som först tog la permen till Europa.
It appears some of Anthony Nichols cats. It was Anthony who first took la permen to Europe. His cattery called Quincunx.


We are looking for a host to feed our little Åsa,



that's a young cat born 25/2 in the years!

She is very pretty and she has colors that “Ishi” – the coat is cream and eyes blue and she purrs as soon you take her up!

We'd love to save this little beauty looks and temperament, and let her go in breeding!

ASA will have 2 hills (complete feedingstuffs) for us before she turns into the feed host's possession as the pet cat.

Alternative 1 litter for us and half the sales price 5.500:- (half-feed) If you prefer the!

You must live in the Stockholm area and should have plenty of time for Åsa and her cubs!

You may well have a neutered companion but Åsa should be the only fertile cat in the home!

It is a wonderful experience to have a small “PIP thread” at home and see them go from tiny to move finished in just a few weeks!

We provide support and help during the feed host time and also when Åsa switched to feed values if you want it!


We are looking for a host to feed our LILITH,

Inga-Britt spanar på fåglar.
Inga-Britt (S * divineCURLYcats LILITH in the pedigree) When she look at the birds.

that is a very beautiful and nice la perm-girl on 3 years.

This is a really good opportunity for you who are thinking about getting a la perm!

Lilith will have only one litter for us before she turns into the feed host's possession as the pet cat!

You must live in the Stockholm area and have plenty of time for Lilith!

It may well be a neutered companion but Lilith will be the only fertile cat in the home.

Now you can try to let a bunch of småtussar grow up at home with support and help from us!

It is both fun and exciting to see them grow up from tiny to move finished in just a few weeks, we think!

We'd love to hear from you if you want a lovely beautiful and affectionate mom-cat and a brood of small kids at home with you!

Inga-Britt has now moved to Sinead and her family!

Birgitta ♥ Anders

Anders and Birgitta has mated herself. None of them had done it before (In addition to some bumbling exercises for the first time in his life as Birgitta ran) so I wondered how they would find each other!

It went so well – they got going nicely and paired himself since around the clock for several days! It's a couple weeks ago so in a few days we will know if Anders is already fertile (He is born 160330) for in that case has Bhaskaran a red cock!

To see Bridget's and Anders stamtavle-names see below “Our cats”.

And this big has the girls we keep after Glastocats JESSE PINKMAN become now; S*divineCURLYcats QUELLE AFFAIRE, and S*divineCURLYcats TING-E-LING

QUELLE AFFAIRE -kallad Birgitta - har fått pappas ansikte! Hon söker gärna mattes sällskap och en mild och kommunikativ flicka.
WHAT A STORY – called Birgitta – has received his father's nice cartoon face and body. His chocolate – Her blue! She searches for love to their human companions and she is a gentle and communicative girl!
Och så här förvånad var S*divineCURLYcats TING-E-LING kallad Elsa första gången hon var på landet - va, inget golv under tassarna utan gräs och stora humlor som flyger!
And so it was divineCURLYcats bowled little S * TING-E-LING – known as Elsa – When she first was on land – He, We do not believe their eyes – No floor under its paws suddenly! but grass and stones…
...och stora humlor som flyger! Elsa är en mycket bestämd liten dam som skriker på matte när hon vill nåt! Hon har en vilja av stål i sitt lilla "Maja Gräddnos-utseende"!
…and big bumblebees flying! Temperament is Elsa a very determined and fearless little girl who screams at math when she wants something! She has a will of steel in her little “Ishi-appearance”!




And now, even little WILLIAM moved since a couple of weeks and he thrives so good at math, Alexandra!

Here at home, it is suddenly very empty when no kittens rejsar around and flexes in curves.

Alla kattungar efter Glastocats Jesse Pinkman (= Siegmund) 've left home / except daughters S * Divine curly cats QUELLE AFFAIRE and S * Divine curly cats TING-E LING retaining breeding /.

Soon, photos of the future breeding females during this “News”!

We will have kittens again in the autumn with an exciting new male!

Welcome to opt in for future kittens – look under “Contacts” for info!


UTOPIA and URD has now moved but little VILHELM is for sale.

VILHELM is now lonely guy in our little cat flock. He is a very social and nice guy who wants to lie down and cuddle with mom and with her mother. The other girls take such good care of him and would like to polish him clean and nice – which he does his best to escape. He would however love to play with them all, and often succeed with the girls in their rejs!

VILHELM ligger still!!
VILHELM is still!!

Yesterday he saw for the first time a bumblebee and chased it excitedly with girls until I was able to catch and release the. Apparently, he has inherited the father's nosfläck.

Thanks to cancel we now 3 kittens for sale;

S*divineCURLYcats Utopia längst fram och S*divineCURLYcats Urd.
S * divineCURLYcats UTOPIA at the front and S * divineCURLYcats URD further back. Both girls are nice and playful and so beautiful!

UTOPIA is appearing in the picture a bit crazy when we play intense!


And here's the little guy; S * divineCURLYcats WILLIAM who has a lot of energy in the legs!

He is a real sweetie and loves to be in the arms of mattes – then spinner he and sounds like a small motor!

4 fun events in UMEÅ 24/10…

…it is S * Divine curly cats Luna and Glastocats JESSE Pinkman who took La perm cat to the north! Two girls and two boys became! Our fodervärd named Kikki and her cattery Poetique and here are links to her face-book and website where Kikki will add photos and other info on the Hill;

(The links copied and pasted to search – unclickable)

12065972_10208045171029915_5594076059239290581_n 12038109_10208045170829910_6377664831718393871_n



Our beautiful girl S * Divine curly cats LILITH (called Inga-Britt) standing in line for the pairing of Siegmund!

Inga-Britt tittar på matte.
Inga-Britt look at math.
Inga-Britt spanar på fåglar.
Inga-Britt Scouts on birds.

Inga-Britt is very firm with v ad she wants and does not want to!

She eats almost everything /, unlike all other cats we had / and it is impossible that such. slicing up some cheese to yourself – det känner hon av och kommer sättandes direkt!

Green peas are another favorite that should not be forgotten front…

Now our imports guy Glastocats Jesse Pinkman / called Siegmund / receiving up

steam and trying to grab at home the girls S * Divine curly cats Nawal and S * Divine curly cats LILITH the scruff for a small pairing but so far, he most hearty slaps to reply….

Siegmund will also receive para our feed cats S * Divine curly cats LUNA in Umeå and S * Divine curly cats GLAMOUR in Uppsala.

LUNAS litter will be born and grow up in Umeå so if you live up north and are interested in a LaPerm cat so please dej to put yourself together on our kitten list!

Will return soon with photos of cats!