Here you can see our cute new born 22/1! The girl Modesty Blaise and the boy Marlon Brando.

Lille Marlon Brando
Lille Marlon
Lilla Modesty
Lilla Modesty


And finally came our first and only litter 2020 – 21/12! It was 3 girls and two guys – all curly! We have two masked girls and a purple girl with a high white spot and two purple boys with a high degree of white – very beautiful!

Please contact us if you are interested in the litter! See under “Contact” for email and phone!

Våra nya kattungar föddes 21/12!
Our new småkrull was born at Jessica's 21/12!


201110 We're expecting kittens 20/12!
Please let me know if you are thinking about a small curly fur ball this winter!

Blivande föräldrar; mamma S*divineCURLYcats bBeatrice och pappa SE*Mirror BC Xam (längst fram).
Father-to-be SE*Mirror BC Xam (Front).


200519 We are now looking for a half-feed host for little Kattelina!

Kattelina har fantastiska blå ögon!
All the other kittens have moved to their new homes – so empty it is! Kattelina is the little girl that we save for breeding and we are therefore looking for a feed host for her. See more about kattelina feed host under “News”!


200126 Let's finally start showing our new litter.! This is what the hill looks like in “beep heap” Today! For individual photos on the hill see under “News”!

Vår kK-kull; 4 tjejer och en kille! Alla 5 är lockiga, så gosiga och busiga!
Our kK litter; 4 girls and a guy! All 5 is curly, so cuddly and mischievous!


191115 born this adorable little gang at jessica's home! And the photo she took when the little-plates were 1 day old! Contact us in case you are interested in this litter and want to be there from the beginning!

2 tjejer och 3 killar blev det!
2 Girls and 3 guys became it!


Hermione is designed for Ida and Patrik,

Harald is a family-oriented Karin,

Hjalmar is tinged to Lotta with family

And we have little Hertha for sale! She is full white with blue eyes – Adorable and Chelig and she can move next week!

191116 Moved little Hertha to his new own home!

Här ses lilla Hertha längst bak på fotot! Hon har ett mycket trevligt temperament och ligger gärna i knät när hon lekt färdigt och är trött!
See little Hertha at the back of the photo!

Mother of the litter is S * divineCURLYcats Zenit;

Vår vackra blåögda flicka och hennes små-tussar.

Dad's VIEW * Mirror BC Mustafa;

Och alla 4 ungarna har blivit helvita med blå ögon - precis som far!
And all 4 The chicks have been completely white with blue eyes – Just like Father!


190925 We will start to show our new litter now! Contact us if you are interested in the litter!

Flickorna Hermione och Hertha längst fram och killarna; Harald och Hjalmar längst bak.
The girls Hermione and Hertha at the front and the guys; Harald and Hjalmar at the back.


190402 Now, little Philip booked to Tanja with family,We appreciate the great interest of our kittens — especially fun for us is the carpet and hussar who come back to us for another cat ♥ !

190319 We now have Philip for sale! See photos and more about him during the “News”!

S*divineCURLYcats Åsa med sin kull; Furiosa, Frans, Felix och Filip.
S * divineCURLYcats Asa with its litter; Furiosa, Frans, Fritz the cat och Filip.


190314 And here is our F-litter born 190212 that is growing fast!

Gabriel är en ljuvlig och gosig lill-kille!
Gabriel is a lovely and cuddly little guy!

Gabriel is booked to the Rut


Gösta är en vackert blå-maskad kille som kommer när hans mamma ropar!
Gösta is a beautiful blue-masked guy who is with everywhere and watch what happens!

Gösta is booked to the Rut.


Gustav kommer genast när mamma öppnar sin mjölkbar!
Gustav will immediately running when mom opens their milk bar!

Gustav is Sun to Susanne with family.


First litter of both mother and father were these little sweeties


190212 gave birth to S * divineCURLYcats Finally her first litter (our G-litter) with VIEW * Mirror Mustafa as Dad! It was an easy and quick delivery and photo are on the Hill zero days old! Finally got a girl; Grace the amazing and 3 guys; Gabriel, Gösta and Gustav!

Grace is booked to Terese and family!




190209 See under “News” for kittens (our F-litter) born 190108 for sale ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!


190116 We now show; E-litter is born 181124 and is located in Stockholm's hand! Scroll down to see mom S * divineCURLYcats Zenit (called Mingau at home) When Hill was newborn. Daddy is Nyponrosen & #8217; s Fry.

eElmo rödmaskad hane. Till salu.
red-faced woodland eElmo male. Sun to Susanne and family.
eEdda blåmaskad hona. Tingad till Sophie.
eEdda blue-point female. Sun to Sophie.


eELEKTRA blåmaskad hona. Tingad till Mia.
Blue and white female with eELEKTRA. Sun to Mia.


eELMO blåmaskad hane. Till salu.
eEGIL blue male. Sun to Nina and Jonathan.

181124 com S * divineCURLYcats Zenit's Hill at home with our feed hosted by Cecilia in the hand. 2 blåmaskade girls, 1 Blue Boy and a red-faced woodland boy became the! Daddy is Nyponrosen & #8217; s Fry!20181211_162133

Ljuvliga små-pluttar i mjölkbaren!
Mingau – as mom called at the home of Cecilia – with its small dots in the östgöta nation!


181028 We got a small litter of our feed hosted by Lottie in Sigtuna! 3 småtussar it became in our new D-litter! A girl and 2 boys! Feed values wanted to baptize them and then they became; Douglas, Darwin and Dolores!


Douglas is Sun to Catharina.


Darwin is Sun to Tove.


Dolores is the Sun to Lottie with family.


And the 26/8 come on BRIDGET'S (S * divineCURLYcats QUELLE AFFAIRE in the pedigree) 7 småtussar! See photo below “News”!


180822 We have kittens again!

Both S * divineCURLYcats ICON and S * divineCURLYcats TING-a-LING have laboured with curly small kittens! See more in “News”!

Elsa kollar sina små-tussar strax efter förlossningen sär hon har putst dom och dom hittat till "mjölkbaren"!
ELSA look more closely at their small-balls just after giving birth! Here she has plastered the dom and dom has just found its way to “östgöta nation”! They were born 180819 exactly on the scheduled delivery day!


S*divineCURLYcats IKON
S * divineCURLYcats's icon and 2 to by our other beautiful girls waiting for the kittens in August so if you're considering a small curly la perm-kids to late summer/autumn in Stockholm, where we are located at the globe or if you have questions about la perm-cat; Email; divinecurlycats@comhem.se or call/text 0707 555 171 to be in our interest group for kitten, Summer greetings from Ester


180214 – on others “Valentine's day” was born ♥♥♥ new little hearts – see more in “News”!




- -


La Perm is a new rexbreed (that is curly). ~~~) in Sweden and it is growing rapidly thanks to all its advantages!

The La Perm cat is smart and funny - a bit like a dog the way it is devoted to it's owner - it is, cuddly and it has a soft, low voice when "speaking" to its people! “~~” ~~~~~~!

Unlike other cat breeds (and dogs) the LaPerm cat likes direct eye contact with people – as a new La Perm cat owner said in surprise “I looked at her and then she looked back”!

Thanks to it's desire to be in touch with their people the LaPerm cat learn easely and many of them like for exemple to play fetch, can be trained to perform "sit" and other commends . ~~ “~~” ~~ “~~” and to do well in harness!

The fur of the La Perm-cat (BC that is) is beautifully curly / wavy / frizzy but easy to groom as most loosened hair stays in the coat (like a poodle) ~~. This actually means that the la perm-cat shed almost nothing!.

Many cat-allergy sufferers can, to their great joy, tolerate the LaPerm cat!!

The LaPerm-cat is as happy indoors as outdoors - they want to be where their owner/owners is/are!!

The cat who is more adventurous and do not keep close to the house in the summer when we are in Roslagen (in the Stockholm archipelago) get to go in harness with a loose clothes line behind for safety's sake!!

LaPerm cat is a very expressive cat – proves photos below...;